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Final Fantasy XIV themed cafe

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Q lon'qu also being short and squishy makes me :444 inigo too (wario-official)


inigo having a baby face is the best……… lon’qu being short is my new headcanon…… tho…..

It has been mine forever.

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Paradise Is You La Roux - 4,214 plays
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Yeah, they seem to have been made much bigger than in 1 and 2. They may have different body sizes in character customisation, although I doubt it. I’ve not seen the character customisation yet, so I don’t know.

Yep, companions are your team mates. You can take up to 3 with you. I guess you could compare them to the chocobo, but they are a lot more complex than them. You can set tactics, they all share their thoughts on certain events that happen, they all chat with each other and have different skill sets. 

To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible to unlock them all in one play through, but: 


Templar - Unlocked through Alistair once his approval is high enough or through the purchase of a manual

Champion - Unlocked through the Arl of Redcliffe quest 

Berserker - Unlocked through Oghren or skill manual

Reaver - I advise leaving this one on the first play through, you can possibly lose two party members


Assassin - Unlocked through Zevran or skill manual

Bard - Unlocked through Leliana or skill manual

Duelist - Unlocked through Isabela in The Pearl. You unlock it by beating her in a game, sleeping with her or persuading her. 

Ranger - Unlocked through a manual in the party camp. 


Arcane Warrior - Unlocked through a trapped soul in the quest Nature of the Beast. 

Blood Mage - This one has spoilers for the story, but is unlocked in the Arl of Redcliffe quest 

Shapeshifter - Unlocked through Morrigan. You need to do this whilst Morrigan is neutral with you, other wise she will not teach you it. Basically once you first get her, just talk to her until the option comes up. You can also purchase the manual. 

Spirit Healer - Unlocked through a skill manual in Denerim I believe. It’s in a store named Wonders of Thedas. 

The thing with this game, you won’t be able to get everything in one play through. I know of 4 different endings and you have multiple choices to make through the game, different sides to take etc. 

Oh no, there’s no restriction based on class, it’s just that I found that the party became imbalanced if I took certain members with me. You can get every party member regardless, unless you make certain choices. 

Whoa! That’s a lot of things to unlock o. o

No wonder this game takes up a lot of time.

You’ve mentioned that Rogue is pretty much the best class for you right? Why is it so? Is it because their dexterity or is it something you’re just accustomed with?

I’m really liking it just based on what you are telling me haha!

BTW! Are there character costumes? Awesome looking weapons? It’s not really necessary but I really like collecting these sorts of things haha!

Also, how many companions are there in total? Is it like fire emblem where you can basically accidentally kill or miss them?

Rogue/Thief type classes have always been my favourite, so I guess you could say it’s what I’m accustomed too. But like I said before, I could take my favourite companions with me and have a balanced party. 

No, I don’t think that there are character costumes. But when you equip armour and weapons, it appears on your character. You have some cool looking armour and weapons, especially later in game. Although, you do have character specific items that you can get from companion quests. Not everyone has them though. It’s a shame, because they took this away in Dragon Age II, but brought it back for Inquisition. 

There are 10 companions in total, 4 of which are romance able. One of them is secret and you get them by doing a certain something in the main quest, but they replace another party member. 3 are miss-able and you can kill one, but killing them wouldn’t be accidental it would be choice. 

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sarcastic!hawke - act 1

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Garrett Hawke


Garrett Hawke

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Hawke by 神樣獵頭 @Pixiv


Hawke by 神樣獵頭 @Pixiv

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A short summary of Dragon Age II

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Sassy Hawke is the best Hawke. 

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